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Transmedia Vancouver Meetup
Thursday, April 11, 2013, 6:30 PM
Rival Schools

Come join Transmedia Vancouver and Steve Bocska, CEO of Pug Pharm Productions Inc., for this month’s meetup on the pitfalls of Gamification!

Most “gamification” approaches used by transmedia projects today rely on simple points and badges mechanisms to motivate online user activity. But this is a short-term solution that, at best, feels like an awkward generic add-on. At worst, it leads to a serious problem of ‘loyalty backlash’ from the community caused by badge fatigue and boredom.

Building upon extensive experience designing and producing big-budget AAA console games, Steve presents an evolved framework for online engagement that addresses some of the most common problems faced by such projects. The session will examine alternative approaches taken by recent projects — some of which have been shown to be at least 13x more effective than a standard points & badging services at keeping an online audience loyal and engaged.

This session will also explore going beyond basic collection motivators and utilizing principles of scarcity, collaboration, competition, interest-based connection, and user-generated content. It will show how it’s possible to transform websites, online/offline marketing campaigns, mobile applications, and social networks into powerful, long-term ecosystems that increase audience engagement, amplify the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, drive conversion rates, identify and profile like-minded sub-audiences within communities, and even help acquire new audiences.


Steve Bocska is the founding president of Pug Pharm Productions, a technology leader in Gamification, Retention, and Customer Activation. He has 10 years of experience designing and producing video games for Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, and Vivendi Universal Games creating AAA games that have generated in excess of $650 million in revenue. In 2006, he co-founded Hothead Games, CNMA’s “Most Promising New Company of 2007.”

Steve has an M.A. (Planning), and an M.B.A. (Entrepreneurship). He is frequently sought as a speaker, having delivered sessions at a variety of industry events, including Game Developer’s Conference (San Jose, California), South by Southwest (Austin, Texas), SIGGRAPH 2011 (Vancouver), Juarez Competitiva (Mexico),Vancouver International Game Summit, VIDFEST, Banff New Media Festival, GameON Finance (Toronto, Ontario), Merging+Media, Game Developer’s Conference Canada, Canada Games Conference, nextMEDIA (Toronto, Ontario), The Great Gamification Debate (Vancouver), and several others.



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